Evropský polytechnický institut, Czech

Osvobozeni 699
686 04 Zlínsky kraj
Czech Republic
+420 572 549 018
+420 572 548 788


Graduates of secondary schools, business schools, technical secondary schools, apprentice centres, college graduates study at our school. Managers, entrepreneurs and working people are among our students. Even if the programmes are demanding there are only a few students who fail to complete the programme. The reason for that is that the student is in an professional environment dedicated to see him/her through all aspects of study. Teaching methods employed reflect the reality as will as the theory of business life. We have the technology resources needed to successfully teach/train both school leavers as well those already employed.

You will be allowed to use the electronic learning texts including wide ranging unique CD ROM copies of the most important lectures. You will use the latest ICT technologies. All class rooms are in the website and from each class room there is an access to the internet.


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