Ferghana Polytechnical Institute, Uzbekistan

86, Ferghanskaya
712028 Fergana
+998 (732) 22 13 33

In 2000 among the first in Republic Uzbekistan in our institute the center «Multimedia and programming» has been created. In this center enthusiasts of computer technologies (as E.T.Mamurov, A.A.Holmurzaev, O.K.Kashaev, D.A.Halilov and others) have originally started to work. In the head of the idea there was a rector of institute R.Z.Tozhiev. After foreign business trip he had idea « Probably - whether in our institute, by own strength to create animation of complex processes of manufacture? ».

The advanced idea has been picked up by experts and in investigation the first animations are created: the engine of internal combustion, force of friction arising between various surfaces, process electrolysing and electrolytic dissociation in electrochemistry, transfer of the computer information on distance, electronic versions of abstracts of lectures and others.

In 2001 after demonstration of our development in МВССО there was an offer - the order for manufacturing of an electronic variant of the book of "Idea of National independence". This development in 2002 has been advanced as electronic page for subsequent its accommodation in the electronic catalogue of a site of institute.

Since 2002 in connection with development of computer technologies in work of the center students have been involved also. In 2003 the center « the M and P » have been renamed into the center « Information technologies and remote training » (CIT and DE) opportunities for creation of various programs and development thus have been expanded.

For today the center possesses the big mental potential and scientific and technical base. The center is located in 5 the various premises equipped more with 40 modern computers. In creation of development participate more than 30 qualified, gifted students.


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