Hubei Polytechnic University, China

Hubei Province

Hubei University of Technology (HUT), whose combination of the old Academic of Agricultural Machinery (est. 1958) and Hubei Institute of Light Industry (est. 1978) received the approval of the State Ministry of Education in May of 1985, is a key multi-discipline university under the direct administration of Hubei province. Emphasizing engineering together with science, literal arts, economics and management and law, HUT is one of the major players of Hubei's 7th, 8th and 9th Five-Year Educational Development Project.

The university is made up of Nanhu (Southlake) campus (headquarter) and Mafangshan campus (division). Both are located in Wuhan City, which is known throughout china as 'the thoroughfare' to the nine provinces. The two campuses cover a total area of 110 hectares, including the housing area of over 480,000 square meters. HUT is equipped with teaching and scientific apparatus worth over 76,274,600 Yuan. It has perfect logistic systems and excellent teaching faculty. Among the current university staff of 1,069, there are 818 full-time instructors, of whom two professors have been awarded The Chutian Scholarship, one teacher has been listed on the China's Talent Scheme, another faculty member has been elected to The 111 Talent Scheme of Hubei Province, nineteen have been listed as the backbone and academic leader of Hubei provincial universities for the new century, ten have been awarded the title of Contributive Middle-Aged Expert, twelve have won the title of National Excellent Teacher or Provincial Model Worker, and twenty five have been awarded additional allowance by the state and the provincial government. In addition to four hundred professors and associate professors including eleven doctoral degree supervisors, HUT has more than eighty honorary or visiting professors. You can see the modern style buildings, laboratories and the grand gymnasium decorate the beautiful park-like setting. Green blankets of grass and annual trees border the walkways throughout the campus. The garden-like campus is a peaceful, enjoyable and ideal environment for teaching and scientific and technical innovations.

There are 16 schools and scietific research institutes in HUT, namely, the schools of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Management, Economics and Politics & Law, Fine Arts & Design, Science, Foreign Language, Engineering & Technology, Business, Vocational and Adult Education, Physical Education, Mechanical & Electrical Research and Design Institute.Meanwhile, several training bases and research centers are also located here, namely, the National Key Construction Teacher's Training Base for Vocational Education, Sino-UK Hubei Vocational Education Training center, the Engineering Practice & Training center of Hubei Provincial Institutions of Higher Learning, Hubei Provincial Products Quality Inspection Base, the Provincial Teachers' Training Centre of Hubei For Urban Vocational Education.


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