Jizzakh Polytechnical Institute, Uzbekistan

4, Khalqlar Dustligi
130100 Jizzakh
+998 (7222) 6 46 05

The Faculty of "Industrial Technology and Construction"
The faculty includes the chemistry of Technology, construction, electricity, education profession, ecology and the use of nature. In their work has produced many engineers. They are now usefully employed in such industries as chemicals, energy, construction, construction bureau, research plants, factories.

Faculty "Automechanical"
Faculty created in January 1992 when the Tashkent Institute of roads, on the basis of technical material Jizzakh all faculty. During that time, more than 2000 qualified personnel. They are currently working in various motor complexes, organizations and institutions. Specialists fruitful work in avtotransportah, vehicle workshops, in the auto-service, dealer centers, in factories to repair cars in the systems of logistics, equipment transportation, wholesale and retail sales of spare parts. Successfully working in farms and farms.

Faculty "Management"
Students studying management, the foundation of theoretical and practical economy, the establishment of transportation management, a business plan, entrepreneurial work, a modern information and information technology, introduce their knowledge into practice. You will be skilled in the areas: management, economics, computer science and information technology, education profession (social and economic direction)


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