National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute", Ukraine

21, Frunze Street
61002 Kharkiv Oblast
+380 (57) 706 32 16

KhPI is the first technical higher educational institution in Ukraine. It was founded in 1885 as a practical institute of technology with two departments - mechanical and chemical that could only offer training to 125 persons. The organizer and first director of that institute was V.L.Kirpichev who is the honored professor and well-known scientist in the field of mechanics and resistance of materials.

The institute had 17 academics, 10 professors and 7 adjunct professors. In 1898 KhPI was renamed into the Emperor Alexander III Institute of technology due to the in-depth theoretical education. In 1921 the institute set up the first in Ukraine faculty for workers and in 1923 at request of students, teachers and employees the institute was given a name of V.I. Lenin. In 1929 V.I. Lenin institute of technology was renamed into V.I. Lenin polytechnical institute.

Today NTU "KhPI" has the highest amount of the licensed matriculation of students in the eastern and southern Ukraine (4377 places for full time students and over 4104 places for students instructed by correspondence). In 2002 the government placed an order with the university for 1920 full-time places and 220 places at the department for instruction by correspondence.

Today the university has 21 full-time faculty, faculty for instruction by correspondence, faculty for training the university entrants, center for training the foreign citizens, inter-branch institute for advanced studies, three research and design institutes.


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