Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia

ul. Politechnicheskaya, 29, Saint Petersburg, 195251 Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 534 1001
Fax: +7 (812) 534 1365

The Polytechnical Institute in St.Petersburg was founded on February 19, 1899. The grand opening of the institution took place on October 2, 1902. Initially the institute aimed at training highly qualified engineers and economists. Thus Electrotechnical, Metallurgic, Shipbuilding and Economics Departments started to operate within the institute first. A prominent scientist in the field of applied mechanics, Prince A.G.Gagarin was commissioned the first Director of the Institute. Since 1970-s the Institute staff made a major breakthrough in sphere of hydro- and electrical engineering, power machine engineering, physics, nuclear physics and others.

Among scientists who studied and worked in Polytechnical University are Nobel Prize winners N.N.Semyonov (Chemistry, 1956), P.L.Kapitsa (Physics, 1978) and Zh.I.Alferov (Physics, 2000). In 2003 at the the University the Faculty of Law and Facilty of Management and Information technology were founded, in 2005 - faculty of Foreign Languages. In 2007 the Polytechnical University won the Innovative University Competition, organized by the Education Priority National Project.


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