Shanghai Communications Polytechnic

883 Hulan Road, Shanghai, China
Phone: +1 86-21-56996296

Shanghai Communications Polytechnic: Shanghai Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College was approved by the Ministry of Education to set the record of independent full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning. Shanghai Institute of original delivery, port, civil aviation, rail transportation industry, institutions, co-founded by Deng Sisuo, is a set of land, sea, air and rail transportation education body to develop comprehensive traffic class professionals in higher vocational Institute of Technology. College of Higher Vocational Education of Shanghai in the history of the institution, one of the longest in order to land, sea transport enterprise groups as the basis, backed by industry, market-oriented, and opened 23 with comprehensive features professional transport sector, where "Container Transport Management" and "car to use technology to" professional for the Ministry of Education identified the building of state-level demonstration pilot professional, "Customs and International Freight" professional model-building of Shanghai professional pilot. College is a "national shortage of skilled personnel vehicle use and maintenance of professional training base", built Shanghai "car to use technology category of" vocational skills and the identification of the university students in Shanghai, "Logistics Management category of" vocational skills.


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