Vysoká škola polytechnická Jihlava, Czech

Tolstého 16, Jihlava, 586 01 Vysocina, Czech Republic
+420 567 141 111 +420 567 300 727

The general goal of the study of accredited study programmes is to provide applicants with the possibility to get professionally oriented education with strongly practical output. After passing a final state examination and a bachelor work defense a graduate gets a diploma and a bachelor degree (Bc.) along with the possibility of further study in following master programmes or in case of good language knowledge the possibility of study abroad. The study in the accredited study programme "Economy and Management" is daily and lasts 3.5 years. At present, courses "Finance and Management" and "Travel/Tourism" are accredited. The study in the accredited study programme "Electrotechnics and Informatics" is daily and lasts 3 years.

Departments: Department of Economics and Management, Department of Mathematics, Department of Languages, Department of Electrotechnics and Informatics, Department of Travel/Tourism, Department of Sports.


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