Zhejiang Industry and Trade Polytechnic, China

Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Zhejiang Industry and Trade Polytechnic is considered as one of the top industrial universities in mainland China.

Engineering, especially chemical and biological engineering, is its strongest element. Zhejiang Industry and Trade Polytechnic has become a comprehensive technological university instead of a technological college. It keeps a close and broad relationship to industry. Zhejiang Industry and Trade Polytechnic is a typical technical university of the new generation in mainland China.

Colleges and Departments: The College of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, The College of Mechanical Engineering, The College of Information Engineering, The College of Business and Administration, The College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, The College of Biological Engineering and Environmental Engineering, The College of Humanities, The College of Pharmaceutical Science, The College of Science, The College of Law, The College of Foreign Languages, The College of Art, The College of Jianxing, The College of Politics and Public Administration, Zhijiang College, The College of Adult Education, International College, The College of Educational Science and Technology, The College of Software Engineering, The Department of Physical Education and Military Training.


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